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Solutions and More Problems

My Calmer dye lot issues have been solved thanks to Sarah.

You can't even tell that I'm using two different balls of yarn!  She wasn't sure of the dye lot, but through the magic of Ravelry I discovered that we had bought our yarn from the same source and asked if she had any leftovers.  She sent me nearly a full ball (for free!) and I think that it's a winner!  Now it's just a matter of ripping out the sweater to fix the issue.


In other yarn shortage news, I'm pretty sure that I will not have enough Svale to finish Cherry.  Well, that is what happens when you buy yarn without a project in mind and then hope that you have enough.  I'll have to call the yarn store and see if they still have some in the same dye lot--I don't want to try to hunt this yarn down too!


I haven't mentioned this yet, but my husband got a job in Chicago for the summer so I've been a bit lonely lately.  It's only been a few weeks, and we have several weekend trips planned to see each other, but it still sucks.  I've been in a bit of a mopey mood this weekend.  I do have a fun new haircut to cheer me up though:
Short hair is definitely good for the summer! 


Great news about the yarn, how nice of Sarah. So sorry about you and your poor hubby being separated for the summer, I would be so sad without Mr B. But the haircut is very cute, perfect for summer.

Posted by: schrodinger | 06/15/2008

Very cute haircut! Sorry you and your DH have to be apart this summer, but at least you'll get to go to Chicago to visit? Great city in the summer when it's not sweltering!!

Posted by: Allegra | 06/15/2008

Cute haircut!
Lucky yarn find too! There are some very nice people in the knitting community!

Posted by: Emily | 06/16/2008

The new hair cut looks great. I'm great that the yarn matches up so well. I do hope the loneliness isn't too bad this summer - I've done the long distance thing so I understand your pain.

Posted by: essjay | 06/16/2008

Cute! I love the new hairdo!!! Great minds must think alike- I have an appointment to chop my hair next week! To damn hot for all this hair!
I'm really looking forward to seeing you on the 4th!!! And remember- this is almost over! Make my bum of a brother get a REAL job!!
Do you think we will be able to con the guys into letting us explore any yarn shops on the 4th? I wonder if any will be open?

Posted by: Stacey | 06/16/2008

Cute hair!

Posted by: Jackie F. | 06/17/2008

Great news about the yarn! And so nice of Sarah.

I know how you feel - my DH and I were in different locations for a few months too. Hugs to you Mer - he'll be back soon.

Love the new 'do!

Posted by: ceci | 06/17/2008

Glad you got that extra ball of Calmer....gotta love Ravelry!

Sorry your husband is so far away for the summer. It must be lonely, but hopefully you'll get lots of knitting and other things you enjoy done!

Posted by: amanda | 06/19/2008

So glad you were able to score some yarn to finish your project! Knitters are so nice.

Sorry you're missing hubby. Hopefully, the summer will zoom by & he'll be home again. The cute haircut should definitely cheer you up!

Posted by: del | 06/23/2008

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