It's almost too hot to knit

Hooray for air conditioning - otherwise there would be no knitting around these parts from May through October.  I guess I have to expect that Houston will be terribly hot from now until the fall.  Ugh!

Good thing I usually knit with cotton!  My current project is Cherry knit in Svale.  I'm loving it!


The top picture shows the actual color.  The bottom picture is a close up of the stitch pattern.  It's so cute and keeps things from getting too boring!


I'm also very excited to be taking a few sewing classes this summer.  A sewing lounge opened up in Houston and I think this will be a great way to finally find out if I'm doing things correctly when I sew!  I'm betting that I'm not. :)


I love that Cherry pattern - can't wait to see yours! And thanks for the link to Sew Crafty - what a cool new business.

Posted by: Elizabeth | 05/26/2008

Cute sweater - love the color!

Did you happen to sign up for the (Saturday) June 7 Intro to Sewing class? That's the one I'm taking! I'm pretty excited too.

Posted by: Susan (Plum Texan) | 05/26/2008

I love that texture! And color- and Svale too. That will be a great little sweater for our warm weather...

Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments. I am having fun :-)

Posted by: ceci | 05/27/2008

Cherry is looking nice! A sewing class sounds like lots of fun. I really wish we had better sewing places around my area. It's either Joann fabrics or nothing.

Posted by: amanda | 05/27/2008

Ha ha, I know what you mean about AC! And I don't knit with a lot of cotton as I prefer wool (which is pretty crazy).

Cherry is looking great so far.

Posted by: del | 05/27/2008

Good luck with your sewing class! I'm jealous of your heat. It is just now getting to be 70 here.

Posted by: Debby | 05/28/2008

The sweater looks great so far. I can't wait to see what you learn in your sewing classes!

Posted by: essjay | 06/11/2008

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