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I think that all of my knits in 2008 have been cursed.  First, the wrap sweater that I had to rip out (but it turned out ok in the end).  Even the hat I had to rip out in its entirety before getting it right.

And now this:

See that nice stripe around the yoke?  Dye lot issues.  I guess I'll go into details, though it makes me feel kind of stupid.  I bought seven balls of yarn on ebay for this sweater.  I wanted to make the sweater smaller than the smallest size in the book, so instead of recalculating, I just knit at a tighter gauge.  Of course I didn't remember that this would require additional yarn.  This color is of course discontinued, but I was able to find another dye lot at my LYS.  When I joined the new ball, it sure looked similar enough!  I should have checked before finishing the whole thing.  Grrr!  And then, to add to my stupidity, I lost one of the original dye lot but found it later, thus the return to the original color at the very top of the garment.


So, what to do?  Of course, the damn thing fits perfectly.  So I don't really want to rip, but I'm not wearing it like this!  If I do rip the whole thing, I could recalculate the numbers and hopefully only need the seven balls of the same dye lot.  Or someone could come to my rescue with a new ball of Calmer (color #464 lot #17L3)!  Yeah, I doubt it.


In the meantime, I say it's time for a new project.  I'm thinking a vest - this one or this one.  Time for a bit of shopping!

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It's a beautiful sweater! Hmm, maybe you can overdye it and try to even out the colors? That's the only thing I can think of...if you do rip, I hope it's quick and painless. ;)

Posted by: Sharon | 04/02/2008

OH no! It is so beautiful! Like Sharon said maybe an over dye will fix it. I do hope you are able to figure something out!

Posted by: essjay | 04/02/2008

Overdye it! And if the thought of that freaks you, I bet you could get a professional indie dyer to dye it for you, for a small fee. Otherwise, you know the only other option is to rip it!

Posted by: Stacey | 04/02/2008

Oh, so sorry!!! You know what, see if you can ask around on Ravelry or at Knitting Review if someone has a matching dye lot. I'm sure someone has to. At KR, there's a specific forum for it; there's probably one at Ravelry, too, if you do a search. Good luck!

Posted by: del | 04/02/2008

My immediate thought, like others, is that you can try overdying the yarn to even out that one skein. Sigh. I'm really sorry that the colors didn't match up, because otherwise it looks like a beautiful sweater.

Posted by: seedless grape | 04/03/2008

Oh, that's awful! - and it's so beautiful!!

I had the same first thought as everyone else - overdye it.

Hope something works out for you!

Posted by: earthchick | 04/07/2008

Hey Meredith, for some reason my bloglines is just picking up your last 5 posts today. Argh!

The sweater looks great, and I agree, if it fits perfectly, then dye it. A professional dye couldn't cost that much, could it?
good luck!

Posted by: amanda | 04/07/2008

a) I had the same problem Amanda did...weird. :)

b) I'm going to Nth the overdye suggestion. It was the first thing that came to mind...why should you have to sacrifice a perfect fit?

Posted by: Susan (Plum Texan) | 04/07/2008

oh no! so sorry about your knitting woes. i'm with everyone else who has commented, overdye it! do not frog it!!!!!

Posted by: Allegra | 04/07/2008

Oh no, I hate it when that happens! that sweater just needs a time out and then you'll be able to think clearly as to what to do.
And the same thing happened to me as it did with amanda...my bloglines haven't been picking up your feed. hmmm, hopefully that glich is over now.

Posted by: Emily | 04/08/2008

Am I the only person who see that and thinks it looks great? You say problem; I say Design Feature! A little subtle shading in the yokel region never hurt anybody...it just highlights the stitch pattern a bit!

Posted by: elli | 04/08/2008

Oh, too bad about your sweater. Can you just rip the top and alternate strands of the two yarns to blend?

Posted by: ceci | 04/10/2008

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