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I'm free!

After being sick nearly the whole month of January and helping to coordinate a big event for work that took place last night, I feel like I can now finally get back into normal life.  Which includes returning to my knitting, of course.  Even though I didn't knit much in the past month, I was still able to finish a bulky sweater:

(sorry about the pictures, my usual photographer is out of town and I'm not so good at self-portraits)


Pattern: A combination of the Ballet Wrap Cardigan from Interweave Knits Winter 2005 and the Wrap Jacket with Hood (#40) from Rebecca 32.
Yarn: Merino Bulky from handpaintedyarn.com in Pagoda, 6 balls (size 10 1/2 needles)
Notes:  Even after frogging the entire body, this was still a quick knit.  I used the Rebecca pattern for the edging/ties and the idea of knitting the body in one piece.  The rest of the pattern is the Ballet Wrap Cardigan.  I think the fact that the ties are on my hips rather than my waist and that my gauge was a little off created a little less coverage in the front than I'd like, but it still works.


The only major modification I made on the Ballet Wrap pattern was to create an edging for the back of the neck--the pattern has you leave it as a raw bind-off.  I continued the ribbing pattern from the front edges around to the back by not binding off the 5 neck stitches, continuing the two edges in pattern until they meet in the back, and sewing them down.  The seam is not so pretty, but I still think it's an improvement:


And the yarn is sooo soft and smooshy.  I always thought I wasn't a wool person, but I think I've just been using the wrong kind of wool.  I love this stuff!  I did have to alternate skeins to avoid pooling, but the resulting fabric full of subtle color changes is well worth it.  I hope that I can wear this sweater at least once before the Houston winter is over!


Nice sweater! Glad you are feeling better and are free to knit more! I am sick right now and I am actually getting some knitting time for the first time in ages!

Posted by: Allegra | 02/09/2008

Nice sweater! I hope you get some wear out of it! If not, my fingers are crossed that you guys will be in the Midwest soon and you can get lots of wear out of your handknits! It is 2 degrees here right now!

Posted by: Stacey | 02/10/2008

It looks lovely - such a great color! I do hope you continue to feel better.

Posted by: essjay | 02/11/2008

Very cute! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the frigid temperatures torturing us in the Northeast will make its way down to Houston ;)

Posted by: Jet | 02/11/2008

Beautiful work! I didn't know you weren't crazy about wool...I live in Florida & love it, which is probably as weird as someone in Texas loving it, lol.

Posted by: del | 02/11/2008

So sorry you were sick for so long. There has been a lot of respiratory junk going around up here too.

Your creation looks wonderful. I especially like the band at the bottom - very nicely decorative.

And also thanks for your nice comments :-)

Posted by: Ceci | 02/11/2008

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