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Reading directions, it turns out, is pretty important when knitting.  Which is why this:

became this today:

     I've had some bulky merino from handpaintedyarn.com in my stash for a while now and finally decided to cast on for the Ballet Wrap Cardigan from Interweave Knits Winter 2005.  Actually, it's a bit of a hybrid of the IK pattern and a wrap cardigan from Rebecca 32 (this one on the far left).  The ties and general idea of knitting the sweater in one piece are from the Rebecca pattern, while the rest it is from IK.

     My advice to everyone when you realize that your stitch count is off and something has gone horribly wrong is not to continue, like I did, but stop and re-read the pattern.  Turns out that I messed up the first group of decreases (did way too many of them) and had to frog back to pretty much the whole thing.

     I thought for a while that I might just leave it as is and wear a sweater that didn't really have useful fronts, but I decided to rip despite the fact that I may now miss Houston's winter entirely and not get to wear this for a while.  What finally convinced me was that I can now change the decreases, since I don't like the way they're written, and figure out a way to change the back neck.  I read through the pattern several times to try to find the finishing for the back neck area, but nope, there is none.  It's just a raw stockinette bind-off edge.  There has to be a better way to do that.  At least with bulky yarn re-knitting shouldn't take too long!

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Ouch. But you're doing the right thing because handknits are useless if we don't actually use them. And with the bulky yarn, it won't be so bad.

Posted by: del | 01/14/2008

No fun! I do hope the second round goes better than the first.

Posted by: essjay | 01/14/2008

I'll echo the first poster.. Having to rip out almost an entire sweater is no fun, but having an ill-fitting sweater is worse. It'll make the finished project that much more special when it fits great and you know that lots of time and care went into making it.

good luck on reknitting!

Posted by: Katharine | 01/14/2008

Eek, that's painful. I hope it works out in the end!

Posted by: Emilee | 01/15/2008

Too bad about ripping out. I just discovered I am in the same boat with one of my sleeves.... messed up the lace pattern.

It will be worth it in the end (at least that's what I keep repeating to myself)

Posted by: Ceci | 01/20/2008

Oof. Good on you for sucking it up and ripping though. Hope the reworking is going well....

Posted by: earthchick | 01/26/2008

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