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It's a Mer-made Mermaid!

Hahahahahahaha.  Can you tell I've been waiting to use that line? ;)

I finally finished!

mermaid finishedmermaid flatmermaid side

Pattern: Mermaid by Hanne Falkenberg in color #3, size small
Hanne Falkenberg designs are only available in kits.  I got mine from Cucumberpatch, either from their website or ebay store (I'm not sure which).

Needles: 3mm Addi circs and 3.25mm dpns for edging

Time to complete: June 12th (or so) to November 15th

Notes:  I'm very happy with the finished product, but it was a lot of work.  The knitting itself is not so hard.  Garter stitch, short rows, changing colors.  But the instructions were not very clear to me, and knitting a whole jacket on tiny needles can take a looong time.  Of course I wasn't working on it all the time, but it still seemed to take forever. 

Amy put together a very helpful Mermaid spreadsheet that I used to double check myself and I think that I got it mostly right in the end.  My only modification was to do a provisional cast on so that I could do an i-cord bind off on both sides of the front.  I love the i-cord edging details:

mermaid edging

The yarn is pretty scratchy, but I guess that's ok for a jacket.  Lovely colors though.  And I even got to wear it yesterday--it's the perfect weight for our kind-of-cold-but-not-really fall mornings.  Yay!

Well, there you have it.  Have a great weekend everyone!


It's BEAUTIFUL! I am glad you like too, after all the work! I hope you can bring it when you come for Christmas, so I can get a close up!

Posted by: Stacey | 11/18/2006

mermaid is just stunning. and it looks great on you!!!

(ps - i like the post title, too).

Posted by: ae | 11/18/2006

well done! it is just gorgeous and a fantastic finished project. it is one of those things that you will look back upon and say...wow! i knitted that!

Posted by: jacqueline | 11/18/2006

Bravo! It looks fabulous!

Posted by: Allegra | 11/18/2006


Posted by: jouf | 11/18/2006

Fantastic!! Congratulations on getting it finished.

Posted by: Schrodinger | 11/19/2006

Lovely! I can't wait to see it in person!

Posted by: Laura | 11/19/2006

Oh - it is fabulous! Great fit, beautiful knitting, perfect colors and I love your beaming "I did it" smile! (Love the title, too)

You da bomb, girl!!!

Posted by: Ceci | 11/19/2006

Oh, Mer, its stunning! I bet you're so proud of it. :) Have a great holiday this next week!

Posted by: Amy | 11/19/2006

Wow, it's just gorgeous! What an accomplishment!! I love the colors and it looks great on you!

Posted by: Amber | 11/19/2006

YAY, you finished! It looks spectacular! The colors are so perfect for this pattern, the name, everything. Great job!

Posted by: del | 11/19/2006

It's lovely, and it fits so well!

I had the same feeling of accomplishment when I finished Hanne Falkenberg's Promenade shawl. I was SO glad to be finished with all of that garter stitch.

Just in time for the chilly weather. Good job!

Posted by: S t a c i | 11/20/2006

My goodness, that jacket looks fabulous! I hope I get to see it in person.

Posted by: Jet | 11/20/2006

So beautiful! That jacket looks great on you. I think you chose my favorite color combination, too. Well done!

Posted by: Karma | 11/21/2006

Mermaid looks great! The colors are fabulous. Must feel good to be done!

Posted by: amanda | 11/21/2006

You've done a good job Meredith. The jacket looks so nice on you.

Posted by: Nikki | 11/21/2006

It looks great on you! Congratulations!

I've made two of the Princess Snowball Cat Beds for my cats, and one for a friend. They go really fast and the cats seem to like them. :)

Posted by: Debby | 11/21/2006

its beautiful!!!! I am yet to start mine- this is truly inspiring!

Posted by: HPNY Knits | 11/22/2006

I'm so dense - it took me a second to get the title of your post. Duh.

Posted by: Sharon | 11/24/2006

OMG, it's GORGEOUS! And it looks fabulous on you. Brava!

Posted by: earthchick | 11/25/2006

Congratulation on being published! I'm impressed that you came up with your own pattern. I love the mermaid sweater too. I'm very happy with mine also, and being in Minnesota, I'll have plenty of opportunities to wear it. We had a meeting of the initial Knitting Shanty crew this afternoon. If you live in the Midwest someday, you'll have to come. It's great fun knitting on the ice. You can check it out this winter at artshantyprojects.org We're planning on having projects and activities every weekend.

Posted by: Aunt Marilyn | 12/03/2006

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